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Milestones: Richard R. Bird, Former Rutgers Graduate Registrar, is Mourned by his Highland Park Friends and Family

Richard R. Bird, retired Rutgers University graduate registrar, passed away peacefully on June 17th, 2019. Richard was born in New York City-Governors Island, where his father was stationed during WWII. His father James Bird and his mother Mary Ames predeceased him. In high school, Richard was active in sports and was a first-rate ¼ miler for the Highland Park High School Track & Field team. After serving in the Army he attended Rutgers College, class of 1963, where he played La Crosse, and graduated with a degree in Geography. READ MORE

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Incumbents Win Primary – Community Now Needs to Shift Campaign Energy to Working Together for the Benefit of All

Incumbent Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler and incumbent Borough Council members Phil George and Matt Hale won the June 4th Democratic Primary over mayoral challenger Monique Coleman and council member challenger (two seats were open) Austin Morreale by the following unofficial tally: mayor – Brill Mittler 1231; Coleman 874; council – Hale 1422; George 1276; Morreale 882. Commentary: The candidates all ran spirited and energetic campaigns with a fierce commitment to the social and economic well being of the community. The Highland Park Planet regrettably was unable to print all the letters of support for all the candidates. We can only hope that this level of community involvement continues past the election process into a sustained effort to create a better living environment for all residents. The one issue we heard in different campaign environments concerned the quality of Highland Park Pubic Library. READ MORE

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Former Council Member Urges Support for the Humane, Progressive, Thoughtful, and Result-Oriented Incumbent Democrats

Highland Park must not be a flashpoint for the ills of society. That’s a useless exercise. What Highland Park must be is a leader in taking those big issues and figuring out how to implement solutions on the local level. As a community, we can’t assign blame elsewhere, we can’t point fingers at the state for under-resourcing communities, we have to act locally and put upward pressure on higher levels of government. READ MORE

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