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Library Reschedules Board Discussion of Controversial Book, Author

The Highland Park Public Library today announced that it would move its May 20 board meeting to June 5, when it is slated to discuss the appearance of the author of a controversial children’s book on Palestine. Golbarg Bashi, a Pace history professor and former Rutgers Iranian-studies instructor, penned the book, P Is for Palestine, and had been tapped to speak at the library, generating considerable concern from the community, including from the Borough’s Jewish community, for its content. Residents concerned by the author’s appearance and the alphabet book, which assigns the letter I to “Intifada.” Residents and individuals from other groups are also expected to attend to defend Mr. Bashi and the book’s content. The library shelved the speaker for now, opting to discuss the issue at its May 20 meeting. READ MORE

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PSE&G and Highland Park Announce Landfill Solar Storage System

The Highland Park Solar Storage System is part of a 3 megawatt-dc carve-out in the Solar 4 All program dedicated to developing projects that integrate solar with other technologies to reduce the impact solar has on the grid or increase reliability and grid resiliency for critical facilities during prolonged power outages. READ MORE

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Highland Park to Posthumously Honor HPHS Graduate Tyrone Harrison with Annual MLK Day Humanitarian Award

The Highland Park Human Relations Commission will posthumously present its annual Humanitarian Award to Mr. Tyrone Harrison, a Highland Park High School graduate and New Brunswick High School vice principal. READ MORE

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Residents Call for Independent Oversight and to Address Racial Inequities in Policing Following Use of Force Report

More than a dozen residents spoke out Tuesday night in favor of police reforms that would, they said, help to alleviate systemic racial prejudices and biases that plague the Highland Park Police Department, particularly in light of a recent statewide use-of-force report that has exposed serious flaws in reporting and police accountability. READ MORE

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