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Reader resents negative characterization of HP which is a great place to live

To the Editor:

In a NY Post article dated April 21, 2015, “The steady death of a blue New Jersey town,” Bethany Mandel writes about what she describes as the decline of Highland Park, NJ due to “feel good,” liberal legislation. Just so we’re clear, the “Blue” in the title means Liberal, in case you were thinking that Highland Park was about to experience mass depression or an onslaught of Jazz musicians. One of the reasons Ms. Mandel, who hails from Highland Park, gives for this decline is that Highland Park was the first town in New Jersey to ban fracking. Since our small town along the Raritan is far away from fracking country, she reasons, this law is just another feel-good, frivolous piece of liberal back-patting designed to make us feel better about ourselves without enacting any meaningful change. Ms. Mandel cites the increase in the borough’s smoking age to 21 as “meaningless” legislation that will send business to Edison. READ MORE

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