Not Tragic as in Some NJ Towns, but Worse than Initially Thought, Highland Park Muddles Through Recovery

There were no deaths or injuries, but extensive home and road damage from Ida Storm related flooding. One sink hole was large enough to swallow two cars. The clean-up turned a holiday weekend into a work weekend. But it seems that the disruptions in the lives of Highland Park residents are stressful and frustrating but not catastrophic.

In recognition of the many residents that have experienced significant flood damage due to Tropical Storm Ida and are looking for ways to dispose of water-damaged bulk items, Highland Park has put together a program to assist, as follows:

  • Starting on Tuesday, 9/7 a large dumpster will be made available at the Public Works Garage (444 Valentine Street) for residents to drop off water-damaged bulk items between the hours of 7 am and 2 pm. The dumpster will remain in place at least through Friday, 9/17 and may be extended if there is still need.
  • A special bulk pick-up for water-damaged bulk items will be held the week of 9/13. Pick-up for the North Side and Triangle will be on Tuesday, 9/14 and pick-up for the South Side will be on Thursday, 9/16. There will be no recycling that week, so please plan accordingly. A full work week is needed in order to ensure that there is adequate amount of time and staffing to complete the special pick-up. 


The Borough will be seeking reimbursement from FEMA for disposal fees and costs related to cleanup from Ida. Therefore, it is important that only stormwater-damaged items be included in the special bulk drop-off/pick-ups. Any Items that do not appear to have storm or water damage.

Mayor Gayle Brill Mitler urges all Highland Park residents to sign up for alerts about pending weather emergencies – and any other natural or unnatural emergencies by going to

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