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Letter to the Editor: Environmentalist Praises HP’s Commitment to Electric Vehicles

To The Editor:

Air pollution threatens the sustainability of the environment and harms human health by causing multiple respiratory diseases. Transportation is the leading cause of air pollution, and, as such, I was happy to see that Highland Park passed a municipal resolution supporting increased electric vehicle usage. The actions of the Highland Park Council members result in better air quality in Highland Park, as well as throughout New Jersey. Environment New Jersey, a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy group, commends the Highland Park council members for their commitment to reducing air pollution and protecting human health. Electric vehicles are cleaner than petroleum fueled vehicles resulting in fewer environmental impacts and health problems.

Through the work of Governor Phil Murphy, New Jersey has taken several steps towards creating a more sustainable environment. READ MORE

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Milestones: Richard R. Bird, Former Rutgers Graduate Registrar, is Mourned by his Highland Park Friends and Family

Richard R. Bird, retired Rutgers University graduate registrar, passed away peacefully on June 17th, 2019. Richard was born in New York City-Governors Island, where his father was stationed during WWII. His father James Bird and his mother Mary Ames predeceased him. In high school, Richard was active in sports and was a first-rate ¼ miler for the Highland Park High School Track & Field team. After serving in the Army he attended Rutgers College, class of 1963, where he played La Crosse, and graduated with a degree in Geography. READ MORE

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