Founding Advertisers and Supporters

Highland Park Planet was made possible through the hard work of many already overworked people, and the generous support of some key institutions in New Jersey and Highland Park.

We would like to thank The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation for a generous grant that covered the initial startup costs of HPP.

We would like to thank the New Jersey News Commons at Montclair State University for organizing the Grow & Strengthen program. Designed to create the foundations for a more vibrant news media in New Jersey, the program provided us with mentoring, support, and a structure that enabled a silly idea to become a silly idea that was actually implemented. Special thanks in particular to Debbie Galant, Joe Michaud, and Molly De Aguiar.

Also, thanks to various overworked family members who suffered and picked up the slack while we turned our time to nurturing our ungrateful and jealous baby.

Finally, we would like to thank our Founding Advertisers. What kind of business would by an ad for an online newspaper before their website was even up? The civic and community minded kind. Thank you to:

  • Over the Moon Toys/Through The Moongate
  • Unity Bank
  • Linx8
  • Lustig Dance Theater
  • Modern Art Solutions
  • Main Street Highland Park