Advertising Policy

Highland Park Planet reserves the right to reject any advertiser or advertisement based on its sole discretion without explanation.

By advertising in Highland Park Planet all advertisers agree to the following terms and conditions.

Rate Card. HPP may revise its advertising rate schedule at any time for all new contracts. Existing contracts will be honored.

Right to Edit or Reject. HPP may, in its sole discretion, edit, classify, reject at any time any advertising copy submitted by Advertiser. If the HPP rejects your advertising, HPP will help you design or rewrite your copy at your request. Also, in order for our readers to be able to distinguish your advertising, ads which simulate news matter must be conspicuously labeled “advertisement” at the top of the ad and set in a typeface other than that used for news.

Payment for advertising. Advertiser shall pay for the advertising purchased under its contract according to the terms indicated on the HPP’s invoices, and, if it fails to timely pay as provided for in the invoices, HPP may reject advertising copy and/or immediately cancel advertiser’s contract, and Advertiser agrees to indemnify HPP for all expenses incurred in connection with the collection of amounts payable, including courts costs and attorneys’ fees. If advertiser’s contract is canceled due to Advertiser’s failure to timely pay, HPP may rebill the Advertiser for the outstanding balance due for a prorated period of time.

Typographical Errors, incorrect Insertions or Omissions . The Advertiser’s
contract cannot be invalidated, and the Newspaper will not be liable, for
(a) the incorrect publication (including, without limitation, typographical
errors) or insertion or any omission of the Advertiser’s advertising or (b)
any resulting losses.

Indemnification . Advertiser agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless HPP from all claims (whether valid or invalid), suits, judgments, proceedings, losses, damages, costs and expenses, of any nature whatsoever (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) for which HPP or any of it’s affiliates may become liable by reason of publication of Advertiser’s advertising.

Ownership of Advertising Copy . All advertising copy which represents
the creative effort of HPP and/or the utilization of creativity, illustrations, labor, composition or material furnished by it, is and remains the property of HPP, including all rights of copyright therein. Advertiser understands and agrees that it cannot authorize photographic or other reproduction, in whole or in part, of any such advertising copy or use in any other medium without the Newspaper’s prior written consent.

Assignment . Advertising contracts may not be assigned or transferred by advertiser or its advertising agency (“Agency”), if any. Further, your contract space is to be used to promote your business; it may not be used in the interest of any other concern.

Force Majeure. All contracts are conditional on strikes, fires, acts of God or the public enemy, war, internet failures, or any cause not subject to the control of HPP, excluding the Advertiser’s failure and/or inability to perform.

Joint or Several Liability . If Advertiser utilizes an Agency, Advertiser and Agency shall be jointly and severally liable for complying with all the terms of the Advertiser’s contract, including payment for all advertising.

No Sequential Liability . The Advertiser’s contract renders void any statements concerning liability which appear on correspondence from Advertiser or its Agency, and is irrevocable without consent of HPP. It is further agreed that HPP does not accept advertising orders or space reservations claiming sequential liability.

Incorrect Rates in Order Forms . When orders are forwarded by Advertiser or its Agency which contain incorrect rates or conditions, the advertising called for will be inserted and charged at the correct rate in force governing such advertising as provided for in HPP’s rate schedule, and in accordance with the conditions contained in Advertiser’s contract.