Highland Park Chinese Association makes multi-faceted contribution to the town during COVID-19 crisis

The Highland Park Chinese Association (HPCA), a nonsectarian, nonprofit organization founded recently in response to the pandemic’s health, social and economic ramifications, has employed determination and creativity to play a valuable role in supporting the town’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. Communicating primarily through Zoom and online forums, the HPCA has rallied its members to do the following.

  • Obtained & donated 1,500 single use surgical masks, 1,300 nitrile gloves, and 200 medical gowns with hoods to the borough,
  • Obtained and donated 200 KN95 face masks and 390 surgical masks to the Highland Park Police Department,
  • Collected funds from its members and donated $2000 to the Highland Park Community Food Pantry,
  • Conducted an active online drive to encourage local Chinese residents to participate in the 2020 Census, resulting in 85 families and 288 people being included in the Census.

“I’m so humbled and very grateful for the many contributions of the Highland Park Chinese Association at this time,” said Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler. “It is exceptionally helpful to have the Highland Park Chinese Association working with us to secure enough PPE (personal protective equipment) for all our needs. Their impressive contribution to the food pantry translates to ample and nutritious food for local families that really need it. And as we work hard to secure a more complete response to the 2020 Census, to guarantee future national and state funds for vital services, the efforts of the Highland Park Chinese Association to mobilize the community are absolutely vital. Our heartfelt thanks to the Highland Park Chinese Association!”

“The COVID19 crisis has galvanized Chinese Americans all over the country,” said Hayden Hsiung, board member of HPCA. “Here in Highland Park, HPCA will continue to support our local frontline heroes until the battle is won and, in the long run, contribute to the diversity and cultural vibrancy that uniquely define Highland Park.”

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