Chester the Peacock Flees Police; Community on the Lookout

Community boards were a twitter this weekend as a peacock strolled Highland Park’s tree-lined neighborhoods, surprising residents used to seeing less colorful plumage or the occasional wayward domesticated chicken.

But the peacock, known as Chester the Terrible, was on the prowl, delighting residents as he took an away day from his home at the animal pens on River Road in Piscataway.

The Highland Park Police Department laid out the fluffy details on Facebook, calling on residents to keep an eye out for this fine, feathered friend.

“Chester took off yesterday, you might have seen us chasing it unsuccessfully in the area of Cedar Lane. Unfortunately we cant fly. So Chester got the better of us!” the HPPD reported on its Facebook page.

“Please keep an eye out for it and call us if you see it! Should be in the area of Cedar Lane,” the HPPD reported.

Police warn residents to not take initiative and to try to capture the peacock on their own and urge residents who see Chester to call the HPPD’s non-emergency dispatch line at (732) 572-3800.

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