Music Venue Chamber 43 Will Host Edgy Comedy Show on Aug. 10

Downtown Highland Park takes on a new and edgy nighttime entertainment dimension on August 10, when The Toy Soldiers Comedy Show makes its debut at Chamber 43, the music/record venue at 320 Raritan Avenue. The monthly Toy Soldiers comedy show, featuring comedians from all over the country, will showcase different aspects of being minorities in America and how their struggles shaped their character, perspective, and sense of humor.

The August 10th show stars three NY/NJ area comedians with Rutgers University and Stress Factory roots: Akash Anand, Scott Zheng, and Rishi Mathur. “All three of us are very hungry and after spending years honing our craft, we are ready for the spotlight,” said Akash, who is producing the show with the two other comedians. “Each will provide a unique lens for what it is like growing up in America. Audiences will fall in love with the raw, personal, political, and cultural humor presented by this show,” said Akash.

Akash Anand, who is the official promoter, has been writing and performing jokes since 2017, when he made his debut at The Stress Factory. However, most of his friends and family would say his comedy career began in1999 (when he was born) as his whole life has been nothing but a series of cruelly concocted gags for others’ amusement.  Born in Chennai, India to two highly progressive Tamillian parents, no part of his life resembles the ordinary Indian immigrant experience.  Akash, currently a student at Rutgers, spent time growing up in Chennai, Chicago, Singapore, and New Jersey and generally brings a highly conflicted, deadpan perspective to his comedy.

If the New Brunswick/Highland Park communities show support, the Toy Soldiers Comedy Show will take place at Chamber 43 every month. The Friday, August 10th shows will be at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. For information, please email:

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