Highland Park residents make their voices heard

Nearly 1,000 Highland Park residents- men and women – participated in the Saturday, January 21st Women’s Marches at various locations throughout the region– mostly Trenton, New York City, and Washington, DC. Three busloads from Highland Park went to Washington, an unknown number of cars and vans went to Trenton, and NJ Transit was filled with contingents going to New York.

Furthermore, a group of observant Jewish women, who could not travel on the Sabbath, walked in Highland Park; led by Rabbi Stephanie Dickstein, the women at different locations read liturgy reflecting messages that they wanted to send to the new administration.

“It was overwhelming and exhausting – but worth every step, every ounce of energy,” said Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler, who went to Washington DC, along with Highland Park Council members Elsie Foster-Dublin and Matthew Hersh. The mayor noted that she walked seven miles, left at 4 a.m. and got home at midnight (a bus broke down – adding to the drama).

“But it was so inspiring. The message was one not ‘anti’ but rather ‘pro’ – hundreds of thousands of voices in Washington DC to make sure the administration follows policies that respect human rights, equality, diversity, and inclusion,” the mayor said.

The New York contingent of Highland Park residents included 10-year-old Lily Solomon, who attracted a lot of attention with her sign quoting lyrics from the Broadway show Hamilton. Even though she has not seen the show, she has memorized the entire score – with one lyric striking Lily as particularly applicable for the occasion.



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