Main Street HP outlines Downtown Planter Maintenance Specifications


MSHP is a private, not-for-profit civic improvement organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening Highland Park’s downtown business district. MSHP is affiliated with Main Street New Jersey, a program of the NJ Department of Community Affairs that encourages and supports the revitalization of downtowns throughout the State. “Main Street” designation was awarded to Highland Park in May 2002. MSHP was designated the district management corporation for a newly created Business Improvement District (BID) in September 2003.  MSHP activities are funded by a combination of Federal, State and Local revenues as well as private donations.   The MSHP Design Committee, consisting of dedicated volunteers and staff, works closely with Highland Park Borough on this and other beautification projects. For further information, please contact or call 732-828-8444.

For more than ten years, MSHP has organized a Spring Planting Day, supplying soil, plant materials, and coordinating volunteer installation in planters along Raritan and Woodbridge Avenues in the Central Business District.   Once planted, MSHP also manages the watering and maintenance of these planters by an outside contractor, and this document details the specifications for that work for the 2016 season.


  1. Scope of Work


The scope of work in this contract includes supplying all labor, materials and equipment necessary for the complete maintenance of approximately one hundred twenty-five (125) thirty-inch (30”) square,  and four (4) sixty-inch (60”) round, cast-stone planters located along Raritan Avenue (SR 27) between Adelaide and Eighth Avenues, as well as  21 round planters (that vary in size from 24″-48″) located  along Woodbridge Avenue (CR 514) in the Borough of Highland Park, New Jersey .


The term of the contract extends from Saturday May 14, 2016 through Saturday November 12, 2016. Main Street Highland Park will also have the option to renew this contract for a one-year extension for May-November 2017. A decision on this optional extension will be made in January 2017.


Plant materials and soil will be provided Main Street Highland Park and installed by volunteers on Planting Days, scheduled for Thursday, May 12 and Saturday May 14, 2016.


Planter Maintenance services in this contract shall include but not be limited to the following:


  • Watering
    • Watering must commence within 12 hours of Planting Days, which will be on Thursday, May 12 and Saturday May 14, 2016.
    • Thereafter, thoroughly water each planter a minimum of three times per week. Provide additional watering as needed during periods of hot, dry weather.
    • Watering shall occur as often as necessary to maintain healthy plants. This may require daily watering during dry periods, especially for those planters exposed to afternoon sun.
    • Each typical square planter shall receive at least 5 gallons of water per dose, applied directly to the soil to avoid spilling water onto sidewalk. Large round planters require additional volume.
    • Watering should occur in the early morning hours (prior to 8 AM), before traffic and parked cars interfere with watering operations.
  • Weeding
    • Weed all planters as needed, at minimum once a week.
    • Trim plant overgrowth as directed by MSHP.
    • Remove dead leaves and blossoms as needed to ensure healthy, leafy plants.
    • Remove litter and debris from all planters on a continuous basis.


  • Fertilizing
    • Furnish and apply a general purpose liquid fertilizer to all planters three times during the season, according to manufacturer’s instructions. Submit MSDS information and technical information on the proposed fertilizer for MSHP approval upon award of contract.


  • Fall Clean-up
    • Remove and legally dispose of all plantings from planters between Tuesday November 1 and Friday November 11, 2016.


  1. Exclusions

This contract does not include:

  • Maintenance of Veterans Park, other than the planters as designated above.
  • 4 square 30” planters near the corner of 1st and Raritan Avenues.
  • Small blue planters near corner sitting areas at 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th
  • Soil, planting materials and installation by MSHP volunteers.

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