HPHS graduate supports Magaziner/Richardson/Beyer slate


To the Editor:

22 October, 2015

I am a Highland Park public school graduate and will be sending my son to Irving’s pre-K program when he is old enough. I thought I would become involved in the schools once my son was a student. However, because of events over the last couple years, I found myself volunteering in efforts to help preserve our public schools. It was through this work that I was privileged enough to meet Rob Magaziner, Sharice Richardson, and Ruth Beyer. While I could detail their inspiring work– from Ruth’s advocacy for special needs children to Sharice’sleadership of Parents of Students of Color to Rob’s volunteer work and community involvement — it does not quite capture what makes them so extraordinary. They have the courage to speak out when they see injustice, the patience to listen, and the collaborative spirit to create and implement solutions. They are committed to protecting public education and ensuring it serves all of the District’s students. I am proud to vote for them on November 3 and hope you will join me.


Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg

Highland Park

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