New task force is working to initiate a 9/11 Day of Discussion


According to a post on Greg Trevor’s Facebook site, the Task Force is seeking the following:

  • Topics worthy of discussion next year and in future years. Some of the suggestions so far include: de-stigmatizing mental health care; recognizing unsung heroes in our community; and honoring the actions of those in uniform who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Volunteers in Highland Park and surrounding communities who would be willing to work with the task force to make next year’s Day of Discussion an initiative worthy of the heroes of September 11.

“As a survivor of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, I worry about how we will remember that tragic day 50, 100, even 200 years from now,” said Mr. Trevor in a 2014 column that appeared in The Washington Post. He seeks a way to honor the heroes and recapture the way America came together in a way that does not commercialize or cheapen the significance of the enormous sacrifice made by thousands.

Mr. Trevor and his wife are hoping that Highland Park’s initiative will inspire a National Day of Discussion leading Americans to seek ways to find common ground across political, religious and cultural divides.

Anyone interested in participating in this initiative, please connect with Greg Trevor at



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