HP artist Jon Horowitz finds beauty in the art of communicating

Jonathan HorowitzHighland Park resident Jonathan Horowitz graduated from Rutgers College in 2005 with impressive communications skills – thanks to subject expertise in Linguistics, Spanish and Italian (actual degrees in Economics and Spanish with minors in Linguistics and Italian). However, Mr. Horowitz, as both chairman of the Highland Park Arts Commission and arts coordinator for Main Street Highland Park, is best known around town for his ability to communicate as an artist and a designer. People familiar with his art have no idea that there is an academic communications theory imbedded in his art – his pictures truly are worth a thousand words.

Unifying his diverse academic areas of study has been his goal of pursing an art form that transcends the spoken word as a method of universal communication, as well as a determination to sustain a vibrant community.

Within the realm of visual theory, Mr. Horowitz has long been fascinated by the use of symbolism as a means to tapping into a universally understood language. This field of artistic theory is called semiotics – the study of symbolic recognition and understanding.

“I have been exploring how signifiers can tap into our collective unconscious. I am exploring a visual language that can be read the same by everyone, no matter where and when they are from.”

Mr. Horowitz attributed his passion for a unifying visual language to the fact that he grew up in Highland Park and had a lot of experience navigating the diverse cultural spheres within the community.

In efforts to apply this theory of semiotics, Mr. Horowitz has established an artistic niche within the creation of large scale, multi-part “comprehensive narratives,” with the intention of eliciting a community response and creating “art that has a consequence.” Through this application, he has hopes to promote widespread and positive community actions that work well even in places as diverse as Highland Park.

“Jon Horowitz has played an enormous role in keeping alive and expanding Highland Park’s reputation as a community that loves the arts and supports public art and arts events,” said Rebecca Hersh, executive director of Main Street Highland Park. “He has been tireless in his pursuit of high-profile projects, including his gorgeous downtown murals, his mural at the environmental center, his volunteerism with Main Street Highland Park and our annual arts festival (Arts in the Park), his reviving the Borough’s Arts Commission, his creation of the Winter Art Bazaar, and much more. He has done so much for our town in so many ways. I am honored to call him a neighbor, and so grateful for all his hard work and dedication to our town.”

Check out Mr. Horowitz’s artwork (www.jonathanjacobhorowitz.com) and chat with him about his philosophy of art during Highland Park’s renowned arts festival “Arts in the Park,” Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mr. Horowitz’s booth will be at 212 Raritan Avenue, in front of the Main Street Highland Park office. Join Main Street Highland Park for the Eleventh Annual Arts in the Park street festival, juried art show, and arts and crafts sale in downtown Highland Park, New Jersey! The festival draws thousands of art enthusiasts and visitors from around the region to stroll through downtown Highland Park and enjoy artistic offerings, live music and other entertainment, food from local restaurants, children’s activities, promotional booths, and much more. Artists, crafters, performers, and vendors are invited to participate. Participants in the juried art show display and sell their work under tents along Raritan  Avenue.


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