Happy Birthday, United States of America

“Thanks to the hard work of Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler, Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler, the Highland Park Council, the Highland Park NJ Recreation Department and its tireless leader Andrea Baay, and many more staff and volunteers in town, we had another wonderful evening of performances, music, food, and fireworks in the park. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible. It’s one of the best events in town every year,” Rebecca Hersh, executive director, Main Street Highland Park.

COMMENTARY from the Highland Park Planet editor:

In addition to joining Main Street in its appreciation and thanks for the wonderful evening, the Highland Park Planet wishes everyone a joyful holiday weekend. Funding for the fireworks display and the accompanying entertainment is always a challenge. The residents who value the community building events for July Fourth and Memorial Day ought to work with the mayor and council and recreation department staff to ensure a sustainable funding source for these great events. Other communities do have citizen groups whose sole mission is to make sure these important community celebrations go forward. The Highland Park Planet would be happy to participate in such an initiative. We need as a town to move from the question:”Are there going to be fireworks this year” to the statement: “I want to join the effort to make sure that there are fireworks every year.”

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