Quick Takes: May 25-May 30

Memorial Day Celebration

Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler led the community’s Memorial Day salute to our nation’s heroes  with the following message:

What is a hero? What is it that makes a man or a woman the kind of person who sacrifices their time, or makes the ultimate sacrifice, in order that we, the residents of Highland Park, should be able to live our day-to-day lives without worry for our safety. What lies behind the character of the person who selflessly rushes out of their comfortable home and into a stranger’s burning home? When an alarm sounds, or a beeper goes off, what is it about the person who stops whatever they are doing and rushes off to help start the heart of a resident in trauma? What is it that makes a person forget about the safety of his or her own life to race into a police car in order to protect the life and property of a victim they do not even know.

As I look out at all of you, ladies and gentlemen, I see these people, people who do not hesitate when others need them. You are all our heroes. You give of yourselves to protect and aid the residents of Highland Park. And, you do it without a moment’s hesitation. I do not know what each of you is thinking as you race out the door and into your cars and vans and trucks toward an emergency. But I am grateful to each and every one of you.

You represent the best of our humanity. You are an example to us all.


Blue Water  

An apartment on South 8th Avenue made the New Jersey evening television news (News 12 New Jersey)  on Tuesday, May 26th, because of the bright blue water coming out of its faucet. Reportedly, the blue looked as though it should have been in a South Pacific lagoon, not a home in the middle of Highland Park. After extensive investigation – and the apartment dweller’s inconvenience of not being able to use the water – the blue water mystery was solved. The adjacent apartment shared a water line; the toilet with toilet bowl cleaner was hooked up incorrectly.  After the toilet was flushed and the water pressure was returned to normal, the action sucked in the water from the tank of the toilet into the water line.  The blue water phenomenon was confined to the two connecting apartments.  The toilet was fixed and the water is clear – not as pretty but safe to use.

Police Complaint

A Highland Park woman has filed a complaint alleging that a police officer threatened to shoot her dog. Police went to a residence on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, to assist a New Jersey State Department of Children and Families employee with a custody issue. When they arrived, police reportedly asked the resident to put her dogs inside. It was after one of the dogs – which she described as a 25-pound Jack Russell terrier and beagle mix – made its way back outside and started barking at the officer that he allegedly threatened to shoot the dog.

“The cop said to me, ‘If he bites me, I’m going to shoot him,’” the resident said. “I don’t think cops should go around threatening to shoot dogs.”

Capt. Scott Golden of the Police Department confirmed that the resident had filed a complaint about the responding officer’s “demeanor.” Her complaint is under investigation by one of the lieutenants assigned to Internal Affairs, said the Police Department’s spokesperson.


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