Highland Park Council encourages commuters to communicate

Do you work in New Brunswick or do you catch a bus or train from New Brunswick to get to work? The Borough of Highland Park would like to hear from you about your daily commuting habits!

One of many things that makes Highland Park an attractive destination for residents is its proximity to job centers like Rutgers and Johnson & Johnson, as well as its easy access to mass transit.

In Highland Park, we are constantly trying to find new opportunities to leverage our existing transit assets in order to make our downtown more desirable and more accessible for commuters coming in and out of the area. Ultimately, we are looking for opportunities that will make our town more economically sustainable.

Part of that effort is to continually survey the public, as well as to work closely with our partners at Rutgers to examine our town’s demographics and traffic patterns.

We ask that you take just a few moments to complete this survey in order to present Highland Park with new opportunities in the name of a more sustainable Highland Park. If you have already taken the survey, we ask that you please take it again





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