Highland Park Borough Council Seeks Residents’ Opinion on How to Remake the Woodbridge Avenue Corridor into a Thriving Economic and Community Asset

Highland Park is seeking feedback from people who live, work, shop, and eat in the borough for the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP). An online survey will help determine the projects and priorities designed to revitalize and rejuvenate the borough’s Woodbridge Avenue corridor and its adjacent residential neighborhoods. The goal is to create to a more welcoming gateway into the Highland Park community and to nurture economic development.

In October, Highland Park was awarded a five-year NPP designation which includes an initial $125,000 grant to generate visible, tangible change in the Woodbridge Avenue District driven by local residents and business owners. It is anticipated that the Woodbridge Avenue District will receive up to $125,000 a year for five years to assist with economic and community development. The online survey is one step toward ensuring residents and business owners have the opportunity to provide valuable input for the 5-year NPP Implementation Plan.

Highland Park, with support from a local NPP Stakeholder Team and an NPP Coordinator will create an Implementation Plan that combines significant community engagement, local knowledge, and hard data. The resulting plan is an achievable and comprehensive set of projects and programs that address local needs and build on local assets.

The deadline for completing the survey, which is available in multiple languages and should take no more than five minutes to complete, is Friday, December 31st at midnight.

Please go to:  https://forms.gle/4fpenqsqqWwJjcGc8

By filling out this survey, residents will be helping to create a community driven vision for the future of the Woodbridge Avenue District. The survey can also be accessed using the QR code below. For more information, contact Emma Von Thun, NPP Coordinator, at evonthun@hpboro.com.

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