Update: Abducted Mother Found Dead, Missing Child Found Unharmed, the father, a Highland Park resident, is in custody

A mother who was allegedly abducted alongside her two-year-old son, triggering an Amber Alert in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, has been found dead in Tennessee, her family said, according to NBC News 4 New York.

The body of Yasmine Uyar, 24, was found in Tennessee, where authorities also safely located her baby, The suspected abductor is the boy’s father, Highland Park NJ resident Tyler Rios, who was arrested in the city of Monterey, where police found his son.

The Highland Park Police Department reported only that the two-year old child Sebastian Rios of Rahway, who was the subject of a widely disseminated Amber Alert on Friday June 9, was found safe and unharmed. The Police Facebook page was still reporting as of early Sunday morning that his mother 24-year-old Yasmine Uyar of Rahway was still missing. His father 27-year-old Tyler Rios, a resident of Highland Park, allegedly abducted both and is now in custody. Sebastian was found early Saturday in Monterey, Tennessee, where Mr. Rios was arrested without incident.

When the phones of Highland Park residents were buzzing Friday evening with news of an Amber Alert, people were attentive and concerned for the family, but that reaction intensified to shock, as the news spread that Tyler Rios, the father, was a Highland Park resident. The vehicle under suspicion at the time of the abduction was a silver four-door Ford Fiesta with license plate S34NVH.

Anyone with information about this matter and the individuals involved are still urged to contact Prosecutor’s Office Lt. Johnny Ho at 908-403-8271 or Detective Richard Acosta at 908-347-0404.

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