RU President announces substantial cut in campus fees for students

Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway wrote a note to the Rutgers community to announce a cut in student fees of 15 percent, a cut that is in addition to the the previously announced tuition freeze.

Over the past week I have heard from many people in our community with thoughtful questions about tuition and fees for the fall semester. I have considered their input and today I am announcing a temporary reduction in fees for our students.

In June, the Rutgers Board of Governors took the unprecedented step of freezing tuition and fees for the coming year in recognition of the financial strain so many families have felt as a result of the pandemic. Doing so has had consequences, as our budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year forecasts a shortfall of $160 million. We have already been forced to take drastic measures, including furloughs, to keep our people employed and maintain our academic mission. Tuition makes the academic experience possible by supporting the salaries of our employees and reflects the cost associated with delivering Rutgers’ outstanding education.

With that said, with the guidance of our Chief Financial Officer, Michael Gower, today we are implementing a 15 percent reduction in what has been called the “Campus Fee” for the fall semester. While this fee supports many vital aspects of university operations that continue to function, like library resources and student services, I have asked for its reduction both in recognition of the financial hardship that many of our families are facing and to better reflect for this semester the services and resources that this fee traditionally has funded. For full-time undergraduate students, this change will translate to at least a $300 reduction in their term bills this fall.

New Jersey has suffered immensely from the virus and its devastating effect on our economy. No one in the Rutgers community has been immune from the impact of the pandemic. Many in our community have lost loved ones, fallen ill themselves, stayed home to care for their families, or felt the financial impact of lost jobs and closed businesses. Rutgers remains committed to doing everything it can to help our students, our community, and our state persevere through this crisis.

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