Responsiveness and Rooting out Systemic Racism in HP Are the Key Elements in the Coleman/Morreale Platform

I am thrilled to endorse Monique Coleman for mayor and Austin Morreale for council. IMonique and Austin are committed to ensuring we have a transparent and open government that is responsive to all people who live in Highland Park.

I first met Monique after her son was racially profiled by the Highland Park Police Department. Monique has tirelessly worked to root out systemic racism in our town — not just because it has affected her family but because this work is a continuation of her lifelong commitment to racial justice.

Austin works to ensure people who are coming out of the county jail have the support and services they need. His experience as a working class trans man is needed on the council as so many of our neighbors, like Austin, struggle to make ends meet.

I hope you will join me in voting Line D on June 4 for Monique for mayor and Austin for council. And if you did not have a chance to see the candidates forum, please watch it online here to learn more about their policy positions.

– Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, Highland Park

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