Letter to the Editor: Special Needs Educator Supports Transparency of Coleman/Morreale Candidates for Mayor/Council

To the Editor:

I’ve lived in Highland Park for 23 years and have never been terribly enthusiastic about a council or mayoral candidate until now. With Monique Coleman and Austin Morreale, I’ve heard phrases no other candidates would utter, “real transparency” “implicit bias” “renters not just homeowners” “transman”. Both Monique and Austin back their words with histories committed to social justice and experience with underrepresented communities long ignored by local government.

As a devoted special needs educator, parent advocate, and resident determined to see fairness in her town, Monique will bring much needed energy to borough hall. Having known Austin for several years, I can say his tireless work with marginalized communities is matched only by his generous character. He’s proud to speak up for low-income families and LGBTQ residents by naming these groups, not staying with safe, electable doublespeak.

To make decisions, voters have only the words candidates use. We live in “progressive” Highland Park, let’s elect representatives who embody that. Vote HP Community Democrats.

–Tracy Budd

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