Menorah, Christmas Tree Go Dark as Grinch-like Thief Steals Power Cables

Ripped from headlines of Whoville, an unknown serial actor or multiple actors are responsible for repeatedly stealing the electrical cables that power Highland Park’s menorah and Christmas tree.

The first incident occurred on Christmas Eve, when a thief, or thieves, swiped all the extension cords and power strips that were being used to plug in the holiday fixtures, an estimated $150 worth of items, according to Main Street Highland Park.

Then, on Friday morning it became clear that the thief, or thieves, had also stolen the replacement cables.

“We use those electrical cords and power strips not only to power the menorah and tree, but also to provide electricity to musicians and performers at Arts in the Park and Music on the Corners, food vendors at the Farmers Market, Small Business Weekend, and our street fairs, the PA system at the 5k race, and much much more,” said Rebecca Hersh, executive director of Main Street Highland Park.

“Having to go buy a third set of everything sets this organization back hundreds of dollars, and just hurts our downtown and our small businesses,” she added.

The Highland Park Police Department has been notified of the incident.

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