Letters extol compassion and hard work of Diegnan and Karabinchak


Diegnan working for constituents 24/7

Dear Editor:

I am proud to show my support for my friend Patrick Diegnan in his quest to be elected New Jersey State Senator for the 18th Legislative District.  Pat  is a husband, father, grandfather, native son of South Plainfield and born of Irish immigrants. He has lived in our area all his life, working as a small business owner while raising his two daughters with his wife Anita and now being able to enjoy his three granddaughters.

I have heard him speak passionately many times about public service. He said that if anyone has a problem they shouldn’t hesitate to call his office and that he and his staff would go out of their way to help. He has always been supportive of any need I have had and helped resolve them quickly.

Pat was not campaigning. He was simply trying to do all that he could do to help the people of his district. It would be our great loss if Pat Diegnan could not continue to work for the people of New Jersey in the Senate.  Please vote for Senator Diegnan on November 8th.  I know I will.

Steven Nagel

Committeeman, District 31

Edison, NJ



“The real deal” public servants

Dear Editor:

When you meet Patrick Diegnan and Robert Karabinchak, you’ll realize right away: These guys are the real deal. They got into public life for the right reasons, and that’s why they’ve been able to accomplish so much for our communities. And they’re old school about helping constituents and being responsive to the community.

You’ll never have to wonder where they stand: fighting for middle-class taxpayers to grow our economy, maintain our commitment to public education and keeping New Jersey affordable. Support Patrick Diegnan for State Senate and Robert Karabinchak for State Assembly this Election Day.

Thank You,

Richard Brescher


Support of Women 

Dear Editor:

I want to commend my state legislators for their steadfast support of women. Senator Patrick Diegnan and Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak have been stalwarts for the issues that matter to women. While Governor Christie has made the decision to balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens such as women and families, Diegnan and Karabinchak have held true to their values. They fight for middle class families by standing against cuts to health care for women, fighting for gender equality in the workplace, and recently increasing the earned income tax credit.

I worry because state Republicans have expressed opposition to all of these programs and would advocate for even more cuts to the State’s social net programs that protect women and children. I am looking for responsible and reasonable leadership in Trenton and not Trump inspired rhetoric. Thankfully, Senator Patrick Diegnan and Assemblyman Robert Karabinchak are dedicated to the interests of women, and that is why I will vote for them on November 8th


Francine Glaser

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