HP is small town with a large number of diverse eateries

Highland Park is a small town appealing to a large number of people with a wide range of appetites. Boasting nearly 40 eateries, Highland Park offers a diverse assortment of food options that supply residents and visitors with tasty choices every day. Ranging from pizza stops to gourmet cuisine, Highland Park packs an impressive array of food types that reflect the ethnic diversity of Highland Park’s residents. In addition to several longstanding spots in town, there has been a recent infusion of new restaurants enriching the culinary environment of the community.

“For a town that’s smaller than two square miles and has fewer than 15,000 people, I never cease to be amazed by the quantity, quality, and ethnic diversity of the cuisines in town,” said Rebecca Hersh, executive director of Main Street Highland Park, the borough’s nonprofit downtown economic development organization. “From Peruvian to Japanese to Mexican to Italian to Middle Eastern to Pakistani, Highland Park truly has it all – and all within walking distance!”

Name Address Number Description
A Better World Cafe 19 South 2nd 732-510-1572 A Better World is a community kitchen hoping to make healthy eating accessible and affordable.
Aposto Mediterranean Grill and Pizzeria 76 Raritan 732-745-9011 Aposto is an Italian & Mediterranean restaurant.
Asian Garden 145 Woodbridge 732-985-8863 Asian Garden features take-out and eat-in Chinese lunch and dinner.
Berkeley Bakery 405 Raritan 732-220-1919 Berkeley is a Filipino bakery.
Bridge Mediterranean 315 Raritan 732-418-900 Bridge is a Turkish restaurant offering authentic cuisine.
Carvel Ice Cream 223 Raritan 732-545-2800 Carvel provides soft-serve ice cream and ice cream cakes.
China Star 75 Raritan 732-828-2988 China Star is a take out Chinese restaurant.
Dairy Deluxe 811 Raritan 732-572-4111 Dairy Deluxe is a seasonal soft-serve and hard ice cream shop.
Dish Cafe 327 Raritan 732-828-8804 Dish Café offers take-out, eat-in, and delivery breakfast and lunch.
Dunkin’ Donuts 55 Raritan 732-828-5485 Dunkin’ offers coffees and baked goods.
El Sol Mexican 304 Raritan 732-435-0191 El Sol is a restaurant with authentic Mexican food.
Farmers’ Market 212 Raritan 732-828-8444 The weekly Farmers’ Market features fresh New Jersey produce.
Glatt 27 1109 Raritan 732-819-9119 Glatt is a Kosher supermarket and deli, and also carries international delicacies.
Highland Pizza 601 Raritan 732-572-6744 Highland Pizza is an authentic Italian kitchen.
Hunan Manor 239 Raritan 732-247-8813 Hunan Manor is a Chinese restaurant offering an assortment of dishes.
Indus Grill 314 Raritan 732-707-0777 Indus Grill offers traditional Pakistani cuisine.
Jerusalem Pizza 231 Raritan 732-828-9687 732-249-0070 Jerusalem Pizza is a Kosher pizzeria
Krauszer’s 93 Woodbridge 732-572-0289 Krauszer’s is a convenience market.
La Rosa’s #2 Pizza 104 Woodbridge 732-572-0880 La Rosa’s is a pizzeria and Italian restaurant.
Midori Sushi 237 Raritan 732-246-4511 Midori is a Japenese restaurant
Mordy’s Kosher Bake Shop 15 North 4th 732-317-2820 Mordy’s serves Kosher baked goods.
New Athens Corner Inn 28 Woodbridge 732-572-0721 New Athens is a specialty Greek and Mediterranean store.
OQ Coffee 13 South 3rd 732-455-2994 OQ is a coffee roasting company and shop.
Pad-Thai, Thai Cuisine 217 Raritan 732-247-9636 Pad Thai presents authentic Thai cuisine.
Papa John’s Pizza 65 Raritan 732-249-2299 Papa John’s is a take-out and delivery pizzeria.
Park Deli 80 Raritan 732-545-6585 Park Deli is a gourmet deli.
Park Place 120 Raritan 732-565-1234 Park Place is a Kosher family restaurant.
Pino’s Fruit Basket Shoppe & Wine Cellar 13 North 4th 732-247-5421 Pino’s is a wine “shoppe” with gourmet offerings and a lounge.
Pithari Restaurant 28 Woodbridge 732-572-0616 Pithari offers authentic Greek cuisine.
Quick Chek 130 Woodbridge 732-572-9149 Quick Chek is a convenience store and deli.
Ruthie’s Bagels & Restaurant 68 Raritan 732-640-1040 Ruthie’s is a breakfast and lunch restaurant.
Sultan Wok 517 Raritan 732-393-9656 Sultan Wok serves Chinese and Japanese cuisine.
Sushiana 17 North 4th 732-640-0111 Sushiana is a Kosher restaurant offering sushi, sashimi, and special rolls.
Sweets to Nuts 72 Raritan 732-246-4686 Sweets to Nuts provides a large variety of kosher eatable gifts.
Tasty Bakery 416 Raritan 732-572-5055 Tasty Bakery is a Taiwan and Hong Kong bakery.
Tete, Peruvian & International Cuisine 247 Raritan 732-246-1502 Tete’s provides traditional and contemporary Peruvian cuisine.
The Italian Bistro 441 Raritan 732-640-1959 The Italian Bistro serves traditional Italian dishes.
White Rose Hamburgers 154 Woodbridge 732-777-1881 White Rose is a classic burger counter.
418 Burgers 418 Raritan 732-543-2484 418 offers burgers, fries, salads and more.


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