Support Our Schools slate wins for Highland Park School Board

“Support our Schools 2015” candidates Robert Magaziner, Sharice Richardson, and Ruth Beyer were the winners in the Highland Park School Board against incumbent Claire Berkowitz and Michael J. Greenberg. The unofficial vote counts were: Sharice Richardson – 1,287 votes; Ruth Beyer, 1,232 votes; Robert Magaziner, 1,179 votes; Michael Greenberg, 964 votes; Claire Berkowitz, 675 votes. The Highland Park Borough Council Race was uncontested, thus incumbents and Democrats Gayle Brill Mittler, Susan Welkovits and Jim Walsh will continue their service in the borough.

School board victory speeches were gracious and reflected energy and commitment to go forward in the best interests of all the citizens of Highland Park – reiterating the themes of transparency, communication, fiscal responsibility and diligent attention to the needs of the underserved.

Highland Park Mayor Gayle Brill  Mittler thanked all those that took the time to vote, and she indicated that Highland Park voters really turned out in an election that was predicted to have dismal voter participation. “We have some exciting things going on in town and I am thrilled the residents are engaged, “ said the mayor.

In the Middlesex County Freeholder race, the Democratic incumbents swept by wide margins, with County Clerk Elaine Flynn, and Freeholders Ronald G. Rios and H. James Polos winning a five-year term and three-year terms respectively. Clerk Flynn was the top vote getter with 54, 198 votes; anFreehold Director Rios getting 50,932 votes; and Highland Park resident Freeholder Polos attracting 50,070 votes.

The Democratic incumbents Assemblyman Patrick J. Diegnan and Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin were declared winners in the 18th District NJ State Assembly race with over 35 percent of the vote counted.

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