Environmental Club celebrates Earth Day by hosting film festival

Environmental Club

The Highland Park High School Environmental Club, in celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2015, will be presenting three films at the Highland Park Public Library, 31 North Fifth Avenue. The three films are, Trashed: No Place for Garbage, Blue Gold: World Water Wars, and Black Fish, about Sea World’s mistreatment of ocean creatures.

Sarah Liebau, co-leader of the Environmental Club will be on hand with other members to present the environmental programs. Guest speakers will also be on hand to offer more information on environmental topics.

Thursday, April 2, 6:30 PM

Black Fish is a 2013 documentary that follows the captivity of Tilikum, an Orca, since in capture in 1983 from Iceland. Involved in the death of her trainer at Sea World in Florida, Tilikum is the subject of the film that follows her life at the popular aquarium in Florida. Viewers can see for themselves the devasting consequences of keeping such intelligent and sensitive animals in captivity.

Thursday, April 9, 6:30 PM

Blue Gold-World Water Wars examines environmental and political implications of the Earth’s dwindling water supply. It predicts that in the future wars will be fought over water. It also includes successful stories about activists and calls for community action.

Thursday, April 23, 6:30 PM

Trashed: No Place for Garbage is the third film in the series that the Highland Park High School Environmental Club is showing at the library.  Jeremy Irons, the actor, narrates this film that looks at the risks from the air, land and sea pollution to the food chain and the environment. Narrator Irons has conversations with scientists, politicians and individuals affected by waste pollution from Iceland to Indonesia. The film has been praised as a political wake-up call that provides much needed sustainable approaches to how the world deals with trash. Special guest speaker Lauren Singer will talk about living a waste free life. Ms. Singer is the owner of The Simply Co., the manufacturer of organic laundry detergent.

For more information about film series at the library call 732-572-2750 or go to the website at www.hpplnj.org.


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