The lighter side of the council chamber may need a little translation

If the wheels of government at times move slowly in Highland Park, at least no one can accuse officials of Russian. At least not normally.

The Borough Council had a routine agenda to work through on Tuesday, Feb. 3. There were council reports to hear, proposed ordinances to discuss, and other issues to consider. One agenda item for consideration was: “NPR signage and kiosky.”


When Council President Susan Welkovits submitted her list of agenda items, she accidentally appended the letter Y to the word kiosk. It happens to the best of us, but on Tuesday night it meant that the smooth flow of the meeting got a little Rocky. And Bullwinkle, that is.

Councilman Philip George took the opportunity to slip into a faux Russian accident that would have made Boris Badenov (the fictional character in the 1960s animated cartoons Rocky and His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show) proud.

“I know Kiosky. Former KGB agent. He is good man,” Mr. George said, like a truly fearless leader. “Is fugitive from Mother Russia.”

After the silliness died down, Ms. Welkovits – without the help of any cartoon friends – explained the error and council members discussed the notion of a kiosk and better signs amid the native plantings by the railway line.


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