Artists adorn town with a lasting gift

mural mshp back wall

A group of talented regional artists have given Highland Park a new holiday decoration, but one that never will have to be taken down. Everyone in town should check out the new mural on the back wall of the Main Street Highland Park Building at 212 Raritan Avenue. Under the watchful eye of Highland Park’s renowned muralist Jonathan Horowitz, chair of the Highland Park Arts Commission, four talented artists came to town two weeks ago to spruce up the drab back wall of Main Street Highland Park building which also happens to be the headquarters for Jon’s art studio PAZ culture system (PAZ meaning ‘peace” in Spanish).

The artists go by the following names: Weird Eye One; Chris RWK; Jos-L; and Luv-One. All of them donated their time and materials to complete this mural. Weird Eye One took charge of the project, organizing the artists and preparing the background. The multi-layered piece, featuring fluid waves of pastels, is accented with grey hexagons and stenciled birds. Check out the artists’ web sites and thank them for their wonderful gift to the town of Highland Park.



Luv-One: Http://


Weird Eye One:


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