Mayor Brill Mittler Disputes Sidewalk Program Allegations

To the Editor:

I want to call attention to a matter that I believe must be addressed. Mr. Herb Gross sent responses to your mayoral candidates’ questions referencing some significant misinformation about our sidewalk program that I feel I must correct. He refers to our municipal court fining residents “up to $2,000.00” for not repairing cited sidewalks. I am sorry to say that this is not true. Our sidewalk law allows for violations of up to $300.00 per instance. Not withstanding this maximum amount, I am told by the municipal court that the average fine was $139.00. Additionally, any resident could have avoided a fine if they fixed their sidewalk on their own, or joined in the Borough’s voluntary program at reduced prices. This program was, in essence, a 5 year, interest free loan from the Borough.


Gayle Brill Mittler

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