Birth Announcement: Highland Park Planet

On Oct. 29, 2014, after years of gestation, Highland Park Planet (HPP) was born as a comprehensive news source serving our community. HPP inherits the lineage of community journalism from the Highland Park Mirror and our dear friend David Younge, recently deceased.

Residents hungry for information about the decisions impacting their future and local businesses hungry for a way to communicate with their current and future customers celebrated the birth of HPP into their world.

We would like to thank everyone that encouraged and supported us. An early grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation crystallized an idea into a project. Mentoring from the New Jersey News Commons gave it shape and focus. And finally, the community of volunteer writers and local businesses in Highland Park brought it to fruition. View the list of Founding Advertisers and Supporters that helped make The Planet possible.

In the future, once we are certain our baby makes it home from the hospital, we will be accepting contributions for sustaining this child’s future. Our wish list includes being able to support special print editions four times a year, community forums, and more in-depth reporting on critical issues brought to our attention by this baby’s surrogate parents – you, the readers.

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